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Aggregate data from your most important sources

Cast your vision with company wide KPI goals & projections

Set goals and expectations for individual team members

Visualize and analyze your team’s performance

Grow more effectively with help from our ML-powered recommendation engine

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What Our Users Are Saying

"Yaguara has helped us go from scattered to organized when it comes to our KPIs. It’s incredibly powerful to see where we are in comparison to our business goals in real time."

Atulya Pandey


"The Yaguara platform has helped us visualize our finances in a way that keeps us on track to hit our goals and reflect important milestones. As a visual learner, it gives me a functional understanding of the bigger picture of how we're growing."

Dave Baugh

Lithic Nutrition

"As a startup company constantly analyzing our numbers, Yaguara has helped us streamline this whole process by integrating our data in one place and producing reports that are simple to share amongst the team."

Camille May

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It Pays To Be Data-Driven

13 to 1

Return on investment

Investments in analytic solutions returned $13.01 for every dollar spent on average.


Higher profits

Companies using analytics have 126% profit improvement over competitors.


More revenue

Organizations actively using data have 50% higher revenue growth.

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