Building a new web product can be a daunting task for many people, but it can also be extremely rewarding. There can often be many moving parts in the early stages of development, and it is important to stay organized throughout the process. By keeping these simple concepts in mind, you can give yourself a greater chance at success, improving on your product and, ultimately, your bottom line.


Obviously, planning is the first step of virtually any process. Building a new web product is no different. Your product development team will need guidance so that they may each perform their function to their highest ability; a well-developed roadmap is an essential step in ensuring their ability to be productive. With a good roadmap, your product development team will be able to stay focused, knowing what is on the horizon for when they complete their current task. This is also helpful because it allows your team to view different parts of the project from different perspectives, affording them all a more complete view of the project as a whole. This whole-view will allow your product development team to make necessary changes in short-term micro goals, without affecting the long term vision.

“If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

Task Management

In the technology field, things tend to move very quickly. Tasks must be delegated to team members who can make decisions confidently throughout the process in order to keep up. These team members should make all decisions with regard to return on investment, in order to maintain the vision of your product development team. With many different parts of your project working in unison, this shared decision-making philosophy will ensure that all members of your team are on the same page. It is important that you employ a system of assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each team member in this regard, in order to complete the tasks with the most efficiency. There are many different task management methods available to you, so it is important that you find the one that works for you and your team.

Continued Adjustment and Innovation

Even with the most thorough planning and ideal task management, things will always come up in the development of your new web product. Your ability to adjust to changes and innovate as-needed may be the difference between the success or failure of your product. Circumstances beyond your control will always change, and it is important that you and your team can adapt. User feedback is an integral part of your growth as a product developer, and often this feedback may lead to changes which may need to be implemented quickly. Technical difficulties could arise in any task, and it is important that these difficulties are seen as learning experiences, rather than holding the project back.

“Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.”
– Mike Tyson

Even though you have already created an effective and marketable web product, a constant willingness to innovate will help you stay ahead of your competition. As previously stated, technology moves very quickly, and spending time and energy on innovation at all stages of development is key. Facebook was already a wildly successful platform when the “Like” button was born from a hackathon, and it is now arguably the most recognizable social media feature on the most recognizable social media platform to date!

Creating and launching your new web product can be a reality for any developer willing to put in the work and effort. This will be a difficult process, but through careful planning and execution it can be achieved. Being flexible and focusing on ROI in all facets of development will be integral for task management, and a continued focus on innovation will keep you ahead of the competition. Keep these concepts in mind throughout the development of your product, and you will be successful.

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